Knob Creek Bourbon

Knob Creek whiskey is seasoned by time and crafted with effort to deliver grounded, full American bourbon character through traditional, tried- and-true bourbon-making processes. Created in 1992 by Booker Noe as a part of the Small Batch Bourbon Collection, it was inspired by the Bottled-in-Bond Act to represent the high quality and full flavor of pre-Prohibition-style whiskey. Characterized by the sweetness of its mash bill, Knob Creek Bourbon _x000B_is aged a minimum of nine years, distilled at a lower proof and bottled at 100 proof to give it its authentic, full-flavor profile.

Knob Creek Bourbon

Knob Creek

Tasting notes

  • Proof: 100
  • Color: Copper to medium amber
  • Aroma: Toasted nuts, grain, oak
  • Taste: Rich, sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity
  • Finish: Long, rich and glowing

How to serve

Neat or on the rocks, or in an Old Fashioned.

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